Do you, your team, (or your boss...but we won't tell)  lack presentation skills or speak terrible on camera?

No one wants to sit through another horrible presentation. (Even if they're paid to be there.) Stop being boring. Up your sales game with better presentation and camera skills, communicate better with your team, your clients or your employees.

Let's Get You Out of the Box

It's time to ditch the idea of perfection when speaking. It's boring. Instead you need to be you. With a theatre and comedy background, I can help you be more engaging  with one on one coaching.

Need Your Team to Up Their Game?

Group Training done virtually or in person.

Access to Online Courses

If you have a group that would benefit from one of my online courses or coaching programs - group pricing is available.

All The Presentation and Camera Tools You Need To Have a More Successful Business

Communicating effectively can up sales, improve team communication, lower stress, and help with retention. Your messaging matters.

My Coaching is Different

I don't believe in 3 step formulas or not saying, "uhs" and "ahs". People would rather listen to someone authentic, relatable, and more engaging than worry about their hand gestures. I am a professionally trained actor, comedian and motivational speaker-with terrible stage fright. I'm a real person and I can help the real you come out on stage.

Contact Stacy

You can also give her a call at (719) 477-3259 or email her directly at [email protected]