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How to Get Videos to Get Hired as a Speaker or Comedian

Watch Video Here: https://youtu.be/R-Yx007763k


Can't get hired because you don't have video? Can't get video because you can't get hired? Here's an easy hack to break out of the, "I need a demo reel" loop.


Link to video mentioned: https://youtu.be/2yZgvFtdx54


Elephant in the room: OBVIOUSLY NOT shot at the same time as the thumbnail photo was taken. The thumbnail makes it look like a 5 star restaurant, but then when you open it and it's just ramen.


WHICH is what anyone who has ever been in a relationship with me has also unfortunately discovered....


Here's some resources if you are wanting or already are a speaker: -Blog Post: "How to Improve Your Speaking on Camera With These 4 Easy Tips" https://rb.gy/rz0spx


-Get a Free Guide on "10 Easy Ways to Look Good and Feel Great on Camera" https://rb.gy/rz0spx  

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What to Wear on Camera

You're finally going to do it! After humming and hahhhing - you're FINALLY going to shoot THAT VIDEO!!

Except, now you're staring at your closet finding your next reason to procrastinate.

What on earth should you wear???

Never fear. Stacy's here. Below are several "wardrobe" tips I've learned through the years of being on professional sets.

So put back the "some day I'm going to fit back into that dress" or ratty rock t-shirt from 2013 back in the closet. You're going to wear this instead:


1.Who Are You Trying to Portray?

No - seriously which part of you are you wanting to portray?


-My expert/professional side

-My likable "I'm just like you" side

-I don't take "no for an answer" side

-My glamour side

-My fall apart side

If you want to show off your expert/professional side, don't film yourself in your 2015 polo covered in cat hair.

If you want to be relatable and show off your "I'm just like you side", do NOT film dressed perfectly and gorgeous. We, as an...

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Get Ready With Me: Virtual Motivational Speaking


Ever wonder what life is like for a motivational speaker? Get ready with me the morning of doing a virtual presentation. I show you my virtual set up, and how I get ready to present.

You can also get my FREE guide to looking good and feeling great on camera if you are venturing in to make your own videos or virtual events: https://www.boringtosoaringspeeches.c...

Booking Inquiries: StacyPederson.com


Mentioned: Nars Foundation: https://amzn.to/3glsX6D

Brio Logitech Camera: https://amzn.to/3v3GxRH

Microphone: https://amzn.to/3zdI2zZ

Ring Light: https://amzn.to/3v74LKQ

Stand for Ring Light and Also Camera: https://amzn.to/3w9mq5R

Sound Foam Panel: https://amzn.to/3pBs5PJ (WAY more than I paid. As I mentioned, I got mine on Facebook Marketplace and they are much larger. Sound

Curtains: Vocalboothtogo.com

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My Honest Experience with GigSalad and The Bash (Formerly GigMasters)

Speaking Gigs

**(Update-See Bottom of Post for Update Regarding My Experience With Each Through Covid.)**

I often see questions or threads regarding the validity of two online booking website, “GigMasters” and “GigSalad”. I’ve belonged to both for several years as a speaker and clean comedian and here is my honest experience and advice on investing in either.

The Difference I Found Between the 2 Sites:


-Easy platform to use

-Most often much lower paying gigs compared to GigMasters

-Most gigs are direct inquiries so you are not competing against other people to be booked

-Easy to target certain areas of the country

-I met REALLY nice people who booked me through this platform that have become dear friends. Not sure why this site draws really personable people, but it does.

-You can contact the person making the inquiry before sending a bid. I ALWAYS contact them first to find out more about the event, budget, audience, etc. I really appreciate this...

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Motivational Speaking: My Morning Routine Before an Event


Above is a video that gives an overview of my morning routine for when I do motivational speaking for out of state events.

I have different routines I've developed over time. One for later in the day events, night events, in-state, out of -state etc. If you are new speaker or performer who is starting to travel you will develop your own over time.

I remember googling and trying to find ANYTHING that could give me an idea of what to do when I traveled. I found nothing. That's why I made this video.

If you'd like more videos on public speaking, performing (behind the scenes), then you can watch the video here and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Kindly, Stacy P.

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How to Improve Your Speaking on Camera With These 4 Tips

You thought you did pretty good when you were speaking and THEN you watched yourself back….

And now you’re googling because you hated everything you saw in your video. I'm glad you stumbled onto this blog post, because I totally understand how you feel.

First, good job for making a decision to get better instead of folding up the ‘ol laptop and quitting. Second, there is a LOT that can be worked on but for this blog post we are only focusing on 4 things.

(When you get to # 4, you’ll see why.)

 So - quiet on the set – let’s get started.


1. It's normal to hate yourself on camera.

Even famous actors hate themselves on camera. (Think Joaquin Phoenix storming out of an interview because they showed a clip of him. He refuses to watch himself.) 

Unless you’re narcissistic, you don’t normally stare at yourself all day long every day to know what you actually look and sound like. You’re just walking around being...

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How to Present Better on Camera-The Eyes Have It

If you’ve been keeping an eye out for ways to make you appear better on your videos or virtual presentations, you’ll find this blog eye opening.

 (Two cheesy puns in the first sentence. No eye rolling allowed…)

 If you’ve been eyeing fancy equipment, elaborate editing or plastic surgery - start smaller. Much smaller. Focus on the eyes first.

 Why? Because the eyes don’t lie. On camera everything is amplified significantly. Which means the tiniest eye movement says a lot. Your audience on the other side of the lens can tell if you are uncomfortable, unprepared, or ready to divorce your significant other who just walked into the room.

Here's a Bird's Eye View of 7 Ways to Communicate Better Through Your Eyes On Camera

 1. Keep the Camera at Eye Level

 The camera lens should be equal or slightly higher than your eyes. Why? A few simple reasons, but the gist is it makes you look better.

 When you’re zooming on...

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