You Don't Have to Be Boring on Stage

You have great've never been given a "Standing O", because your delivery and content is - well - hum ho. 

There's no reason to let your energy or presence on stage fall flat. Let's get your entertainment and engagement value up.

I can help you

I'm a former actor and clean comedian and current funny motivational speaker. I get booked for not being boring. I can help you.

Is this you?

You have a talk but:

-You have a talk with no humor?

-You don't know about staging or sight-lines when it comes to giving your presentation?

-You don't have a solid opener or closer in your talk that makes people connect with you emotionally?

-Your slides have all words or graphs and no powerful images?

-You use someone else's story, like a sports hero, instead of your own?

-You're nervous?

-You have no idea if your audience is listening or connecting with you?

-You know you could book more or higher paying speaking engagements if your talk was more interesting?

It's amazing how emotionally connecting to your audience through the use of humor, stories, staging and creative visuals can transform and talk from being ordinary to extraordinary. I'd be honored to help.

Why Hire Stacy P.?

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