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How to Get Videos to Get Hired as a Speaker or Comedian

Watch Video Here: https://youtu.be/R-Yx007763k


Can't get hired because you don't have video? Can't get video because you can't get hired? Here's an easy hack to break out of the, "I need a demo reel" loop.


Link to video mentioned: https://youtu.be/2yZgvFtdx54


Elephant in the room: OBVIOUSLY NOT shot at the same time as the thumbnail photo was taken. The thumbnail makes it look like a 5 star restaurant, but then when you open it and it's just ramen.


WHICH is what anyone who has ever been in a relationship with me has also unfortunately discovered....


Here's some resources if you are wanting or already are a speaker: -Blog Post: "How to Improve Your Speaking on Camera With These 4 Easy Tips" https://rb.gy/rz0spx


-Get a Free Guide on "10 Easy Ways to Look Good and Feel Great on Camera" https://rb.gy/rz0spx  

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