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How to Present Better on Camera-The Eyes Have It

If you’ve been keeping an eye out for ways to make you appear better on your videos or virtual presentations, you’ll find this blog eye opening.

 (Two cheesy puns in the first sentence. No eye rolling allowed…)

 If you’ve been eyeing fancy equipment, elaborate editing or plastic surgery - start smaller. Much smaller. Focus on the eyes first.

 Why? Because the eyes don’t lie. On camera everything is amplified significantly. Which means the tiniest eye movement says a lot. Your audience on the other side of the lens can tell if you are uncomfortable, unprepared, or ready to divorce your significant other who just walked into the room.

Here's a Bird's Eye View of 7 Ways to Communicate Better Through Your Eyes On Camera

 1. Keep the Camera at Eye Level

 The camera lens should be equal or slightly higher than your eyes. Why? A few simple reasons, but the gist is it makes you look better.

 When you’re zooming on...

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