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What to Wear on Camera

You're finally going to do it! After humming and hahhhing - you're FINALLY going to shoot THAT VIDEO!!

Except, now you're staring at your closet finding your next reason to procrastinate.

What on earth should you wear???

Never fear. Stacy's here. Below are several "wardrobe" tips I've learned through the years of being on professional sets.

So put back the "some day I'm going to fit back into that dress" or ratty rock t-shirt from 2013 back in the closet. You're going to wear this instead:


1.Who Are You Trying to Portray?

No - seriously which part of you are you wanting to portray?


-My expert/professional side

-My likable "I'm just like you" side

-I don't take "no for an answer" side

-My glamour side

-My fall apart side

If you want to show off your expert/professional side, don't film yourself in your 2015 polo covered in cat hair.

If you want to be relatable and show off your "I'm just like you side", do NOT film dressed perfectly and gorgeous. We, as an...

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